Who's this guy?

With a bachelor degree in Communication Design and a master one in Service System Design – both obtained in Politecnico di Milano – I consider myself an “horizontal-skill based” designer, with a knowledge that spans across several fields of the digital design world, keeping a constant attention and my hands-dirty in several projects.

Art Direction


UX Design


Visual Design


Game Design


Content Editing




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A brief summary

Designer, writer, extremely passionate about gaming. Three words to describe myself from a professional point of view: fuel that drives me towards my career is the will to discover new topics, to meet the unusual, to understand complex system and to tear them in pieces in order to understand the reason why behind them. My work experience in Inarea Design Network and in MediaEngine srl helped me a lot to face the unexpected, fulfilling the needs of market-leader brand such as Virgin Active, SNAM, Mapei and Fendi. Again, it was helpful to make my personal knowledge broader in different working fields, from fashion to banking, from industrial and automotive market to insurance and fitness.

Passionate with…

Passionate about topics such as literature, cinema, musicpolitics and photography, I really like to envision both pop and underground cultures that shapes the zeitgeist of this last century. Ideas that arise from a never-ending research helps me to deliver the best experience I can design for both work clients and work on my own. I’m always keen to experiment in different media – I love to be sometimes an amateur photographer that takes photos of the finest details all around myself, sometimes a game designer that likes to experiment with technology or low-level assets design, sometimes a service designer that loves to go deep within complex system and analyze them through creative and analytical tools.

Marzorati Journalist

One of the best experience I had as a content editor.

Prizes & awards.

During my studies and work career I participated to external events and projects in order to keep myself entertained with different challenges everytime: from hackaton to Global Game Jam (mainly focused on videogames) I won also some prizes and awards that are enlisted there:

  • WINNER @Accenture #DigiHack 2015 with Overtrain;

  • WINNER @GameRome 2018 “Showcase Award” with Dusk;

  • WINNER @Nordic Game Discovery Contest Italy 2018 “Best Italian Game” with Dusk;

  • BEST UX/UI @Sky Hackaton 2016 with Sky Challenge;

  • BEST INNOVATIVE GAME @Global Game Jam 2016 with SNDQK;

  • BEST SINGLE PLAYER @New Game Designer 2018 with Dusk;

  • EXHIBITOR @Milan GamesWeek 2018 with Dusk;

  • EXHIBITOR @NeoLudica Contemporary Art Gallery with Dusk;

  • EXHIBITOR @GamesRome 2018 with Dusk;

I'm a content editor.

Starting a work career

I started my professional career during university as a content editor for two online magazines for more than three years: these experiences helped me to get in touch with an entire new compelling world. The experience I gathered was more than just a work one. I learned how to manage strict deadlines, to face international events and PR, to understand how to satisfy both business needs and users’ reading my articles; and finally how to find a balance among subjective feelings and reality of things. Moreover, the former magazine I worked for, Spaziogames.it, is one of the most important reality for videogames and tech in Italy with more than one million unique visits per month: an important milestone – personally speaking – as a content editor, that helped me to face different thoughts and a huge number of comments from different personalities.

Three different kind of articles I wrote down for TMAG and Spaziogames.

Multi-faceted content creation

Again, thanks to the skills developed during Visual Design bachelor in Politecnico di Milano, I helped for the realization of all the graphical artifacts for both TMAG.it (now Videogamer.it) and Spaziogames, developing new experiences and videos for all the major worldwide conferences for tech and videogames. Almost every review I did was also related to a video-review, made by myself with professional software such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, that sum up all the contents in the written articles. Last but not least, during these major events I helped to manage the digital strategy designing the planning for the releases of articles, videos and contents throughout all the platforms related to the website (Facebook, Instagram and the institutional website).

I'm a designer.

Communication Design

As a designer, I graduated in Politecnico di Milano during the bachelor as a “Communication” one. It means that I gained – throughout the whole three years – a deepened knowledge in visual design; such as institutional branding artifacts, software GUI, typography, editorial design and interaction one; laying on a strong foundation in theoretical aspects regarding media and communication strategies. This helped me a lot to build a practical knowledge on different software such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom) and high-end coding in HTML, CSS and Processing; useful to render in the best way as I could all my ideas.

Alienware Laptop15

An hardcore-gamer designer deserve its own laptop.

Product Service System Design

Then, I applied as a master degree for “Product Service System Design”, again at Politecnico di Milano. This choice was mainly supposed to focus heavily on the extraordinary mindset and tools given by that particular university, known worldwide for its 5th position on QS University world ranking. This master helped me a lot to gain a strong mindset that was impossible to easily achieve in other courses, learning to achieve an holistic view on design, with a wider knowledge on service design, brand and project managing, both with a strong customer and business perspective. It helped me also to gain a strong foundation in UX design and game design, both useful thanks to a series of engineering course I took in order to learn different and interesting things as much as possible.

Virgin Active Italia

One of the major client through the company I worked for, Virgin Active.

Inarea Design & Identity Network

My work career, although it started as a content editor in TMAG.it and Spaziogames, followed a more “canonical” path according also to the studies at Politecnico di Milano. First, I took the role of Visual Design Intern at Inarea Design Network, one of the most important communication agency in Italy, where I designed the brand identity and the communication system of a start-up born inside the company, while designing also graphic artifacts for major clients of the main company.

MediaEngine srl

Then, I moved to MediaEngine srl, a digital service agency based in Moscova, Milan; where I learned how to take into account multiple projects at the same time, facing strict deadlines and deliver the best results I could. Working with major clients such as Virgin Active and Mapei I learned how to face fundamental business needs through design experiences that could drive good business results.